I’m Sarah Lewis (she/her), and I’ve been providing pregnancy and postnatal services in the Portsmouth area since 2012.

I’m mum to two boys, and a cat called Graham. If you follow me on social media then I’m sure you’ll be familiar with him – he likes to be in on the action! I enjoy spending time outdoors with my family (and we’ve done a LOT of that this year!), baking and crochet – although I’m one of those people who starts many projects but rarely finishes any of them!

My interest in all things birth and baby really came following the birth of my second son who was born at home. Having attended traditional antenatal classes, and having had a pretty standard ‘One Born Every Minute’ style birth first time round, I was determined to be more prepared and learn ways to support myself during labour. My husband and I attended Hypnobirthing classes, I read lots of books, and watched positive birth videos. I learnt that birth doesn’t have to be the way it is often portrayed on the screen. Baby number two was born in a pool in my living room, and from then on I was set on letting other pregnant women and birthing people realise that they could have positive birth experiences too.

My background is in Primary education. Having graduated in 2002 I then taught for 10 years before switching careers. Whilst the age group is drastically different, I believe many of the skills I gained during those years put me in a great place to continue providing education and support.

In 2009 I studied with The Daisy Foundation to offer antenatal and postnatal classes. Since then I have attended CPD events on subjects such as infant feeding, perinatal mental health, and more recently LGBTQ+ competency, holistic sleep coaching and introducing solids. In 2017 I revisited my training with The Daisy Foundation, completing the Perinatal Educator qualification. I am committed to my continual professional development, ensuring that my knowledge is up-to-date and that I can provide the highest quality content in all my offerings. This year I will be training as a postnatal doula to enable me to work with families in new ways.

Supporting families through this incredibly important stage of their lives is an absolute privilege. I’m not here to tell anyone how to have their baby or how to be a parent, I’m here to provide evidence-based research so that they can make their own informed choices every step of the way. Enjoy looking at what I have to offer and I look forward to meeting you soon!

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