The Great Portsmouth Easter Egg Hunt!

It’s amazing to think it’s a whole year since we were first told to stay home to protect the NHS. At the time we thought it would last a few weeks, and that we’d be back to normal pretty soon. We were told that in-person classes were no longer permitted and I made the jump to teaching via Zoom, not something I ever imagined I’d be doing. In the past year I’ve taught a grand total of 8 weeks of in person classes! 6 weeks in September/October, and a week either side of the November lockdown. Despite that I’ve still been able to bring pregnant women and birthing people together through antenatal classes, and provide a space for new mums and parents to chat and enjoy time with their babies. Despite being told to stay apart, people have found new ways to stay connected and the sense of community has grown, both physically and virtually.

This time last year we were all creating rainbows to display in our windows for children to spot on their daily walks. The one trip out each day became a game of I-spy, looking for rainbows or anything else people wanted to display. One local house set up a whole host of stuffed toys, and every day they would be doing something different! I’m pretty sure they thought they’d only be going a couple of weeks, but to their credit they continued until lockdown eased in the summer!

With this in mind, and restrictions only easing slightly at the moment, I got to thinking about how we could make those trips out a bit more fun again. That’s when I decided to host The Great Portsmouth Easter Egg Hunt with the lovely Kelly at Tiny Talk Portsmouth. The idea being people print and colour Easter eggs and pop them in their windows, so that when people are out for a walk, or on the nursery of school-run, they have something to look for again. If you’d like to join in then you can join the Facebook event here and you can download the PDF files below!

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