Help – I’m Home Alone With A New Baby!

The idea of being at home on your with your new baby can be quite daunting initially. It may be that your partner was able to have parental leave for a couple of weeks, or you had a family member stay with you to help out, but now you’re facing those first days doing it solo. Here are some things that might make things a bit easier.

Food! Ask someone to prepare you a packed lunch so you don’t forget to eat (sounds silly but it’s easy to do when you have a baby taking up all your time). Anything you can eat with one hand is good. Sandwiches, soup you can microwave, a selection of snacks. Something you can grab and eat easily.

Travel Mug! When you make a hot drink, pop it in a travel mug. It ensures your drink stays hot when you inevitably put it down and get distracted (and reheated tea is never nice!)

Changing Basket! Have a changing basket in the room where you’ll be spending most of your time. Newborns need their nappies (and clothes!) changing frequently and when you’re recovering from birth the last thing you need is lots of trips to another room, or upstairs, to get the things you need. Pop in nappies, wipes, creams, a change of clothes and nappy bags.

Company! If the thought of being home alone that first time is a bit overwhelming, then ask a friend or family member to pop over for a bit – but only invite those you know will come and look after you. You don’t need to be looking after house guests as well as a baby! Find someone who will not only keep you company, but also make you food, hold your baby while you shower, or do your washing up!

Doula! Consider hiring a postnatal doula. Having someone to look after you, listen & reassure you, and help you find your way in your new role can be invaluable, especially if you haven’t any close friends or family living nearby. If you’re in the Portsmouth area and having a postnatal doula is something you want to explore, then book a free, no-obligation chat with me to see what your options are

Written by Sarah Lewis – antenatal teacher and postnatal doula in Portsmouth.

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