Antenatal Classes and Workshops

Daisy Birthing™

Daisy Birthing™ antenatal classes for expectant mums and birthing people help you stay mobile, learn about your changing baby and body, meet other expectant parents, and prepare for a confident birth.

Each class includes:
  • Gently yoga-based movement
  • Antenatal and active birth education
  • Breathing techniques
  • Relaxation & birth hypnosis

Classes run in 6 week blocks priced £75

Active Birth Workshops

The Daisy Active Birth antenatal workshop is for you and your birth partner, covering everything you need to know about labour.

Each workshop includes

  • The role of the birth partner & how they can support you
  • Breathing techniques for the different stages of labour
  • Birth education (how your body works and how to work with your body)
  • Interventions and options
  • Massage for labour

Private workshops run for 4 hours priced £150

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