A New Adventure!

In April 2022, I started working with the wonderful organisation that is The Parenting Network. The Parenting Network is a non profit charitable organisation working to empower parents and build a supportive community of families who live within the city of Portsmouth. Over the past 9 months more opportunities have arisen for me, resulting in me nowContinue reading “A New Adventure!”

How I learned to parent authentically…

That might sound a bit odd, I mean, why wouldn’t I parent the way I wanted? Here’s the thing though; when I had my first baby, 13 years ago, I didn’t have a clue what I was doing. I was heavily influenced by mainstream parenting ideas – books, magazines, TV programmes. I was scared toContinue reading “How I learned to parent authentically…”

Starting Solids – What Do I Need?

Starting solids with your baby can be daunting, but then you’re faced with all the equipment you might need! How do you know what to buy, and what’s just a gimmick? Here are some things to get you started! BIBS There are so many different types of bib out there, and you may well endContinue reading “Starting Solids – What Do I Need?”

Help – I’m Home Alone With A New Baby!

The idea of being at home on your with your new baby can be quite daunting initially. It may be that your partner was able to have parental leave for a couple of weeks, or you had a family member stay with you to help out, but now you’re facing those first days doing itContinue reading “Help – I’m Home Alone With A New Baby!”

5 Questions to ask during pregnancy and labour

Sometimes it’s useful to know what questions to ask at appointments or during labour. You may find these useful in your journey. 1. ‘Am I or my baby in immediate danger?’ If the answer is ‘no’ then you know you have time to make decisions about your care, and how you want to move forward,Continue reading “5 Questions to ask during pregnancy and labour”